Thursday, September 15, 2011

Types of shock absorbers

Shock absorbers come in different forms and purposes. Their differences are determined by the type of vehicle where it will be used.

  • Standard shocks – Standard shocks are the ones that are commonly used in cars that hardly perform heavy-duty activities. These are vehicles which are more or less designed for personal use. Since they are less likely to be involved in strenuous tasks, a standard shock absorber will do.
  • Heady-duty shocks – Implied in the term “heavy duty,” heavy duty shocks are utilized in cars that are more exposed to rough terrains. Likewise, these are also applied to vehicles that are designed to carry cargos or passengers.
  • Overload shocks – Meanwhile, overload shocks provide support for vehicles that are experiencing suspension problems both in the front or rear systems. Overload shocks are perfect for those that suffer from understeering.
  • Air shocks – Air shocks is a common feature of cargo trucks and other vehicles that tend to carry massive weight or load.

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